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The Journey

Your Path Back to YOU

I empower women just like you to reclaim their personal power and access their divine gifts so they can live their purpose.  If you are sinking in suffering, stuck in fear, panic, overwhelm, anxiety and the like, I can help you release this suffering and reclaim your personal truth – the true YOU.

With this 3-phase signature program, I’ll support you in releasing the acute issues you are dealing with now … helping you find self-acceptance and inner compassion. I will then move you to realigning with your personal truth and help you come back to your personal power. Finally, you will reclaim that truth and awaken in your own empowerment and evolve and align with your true purpose.

Suffering is Optional!! You have the power to rediscover the true YOU. What are you waiting for?

The 3 Phases of The Journey:

  1. Panic to Presence. In the first phase of your journey, you will release those things that you are struggling with and are causing suffering in your life. You will declutter the physical, mental and energetic body and create space to find self-acceptance and inner compassion. You will be fully PRESENT and ready to step into your next phase on the path back to YOU.
  2. Presence to Power. In this phase of the journey, you will realign with your personal truth. You will recognize and honor that truth as you begin to step into the power of YOU.
  3. Power to Purpose. In this final phase of the journey, you will fully reclaim and step into your truth; awakening your inner empowerment. You will understand and align with your true purpose and begin to live it. You will arrive at the full expression of YOU!

Aimee uses different modalities on your Journey catered directly to your unique experience. Some of the modalities she uses are neuro nutrient therapy, Reiki therapy, meditation work and Divine Navigation.

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