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Aimee Phlegar Reiki Training

Reiki I and II Training

In this course, you will learn about Reiki, a universal energy that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances.

Reiki ART and Master Training

In this course, you will step into a deeper level of Reiki healing. You will learn additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge that will add value to your innate healing abilities. You will also learn to attune and teach others.


Karuna Ki Reiki Master Training

If you are a Reiki Master who is looking to give yourself and your clients a deeper level of healing, this course is for you. Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end suffering on Earth. Karuna Ki provides a deeper level of healing  on the emotional and spiritual levels and can also help one become more grounded. This is an extremely powerful form of Reiki. Learn how you can use compassionate action guided by wisdom in this beautiful system.


An Empath’s Guide to Empowerment

In this day and age, with the ever constant onslaught of negative energies and a bombardment of emotions, it is a challenge and a huge task for Empaths and Sensitives alike to stay grounded. Even when the empath is in his/her own surroundings, at home in a seemingly safe and tranquil place, the empathic sponges are still picking up struggle, pain and heartache from the outside world.  Because of this, empaths can easily become consumed with depression, anxiety, isolation, lethargic tendencies/listlessness and apathy.  Empaths can quickly and easily lose sight of why they are here, what part they play in the world and more often than not find it hard to know who they are as a person and  what it feels like to live in just their own energy. To combat the constant feelings of overwhelm, empaths need to protect themselves any way they can.  There are many ways we can protect ourselves and many tools out there such as crystals, creating a protective shield, balancing our chakras and other clearing techniques.

While these are all valid techniques, there is one that is paramount for the Empowerment of an Empath that few know of or discuss. That is PRESENCE. When you are fully present in your body- physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, no one, no thing and no outside energy can get into you or your energy field or body without your explicit permission.

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Food and Mood Workshop

September 27, 2017 12-1:30 pm and September 30, 2017 2-3:30 pm at Breathe Body and Mind Yoga Studio Springfield VA

Do you experience any of these?

Low mood


Anxiety/ panic

Low energy

Addictions including food/ sugar




Hormone related moodiness


Irritability/ Rage

Stress/ Overwhelm

Emotional Eating

If you answered yes to any of these, please join us and learn about natural, yet powerful solutions to these issues and more using whole foods, natural supplements and other natural modalities.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

Distinguish between true and false moods

Overcome depression, anxiety, irritability, stress, apathy, oversensitivity, emotional eating and more

Eliminate the 4 most common mood imbalances

Eliminate insomnia, addiction and hormone related moodiness

Use food to boost your mood and create a plan to feel amazing

Use food, natural supplements, and other modalities as an alternative to anti-depressants and other drugs

As a special bonus, you will also receive Aimee’s 12 Techniques to Create Peace and Happiness for signing up!

Third Eye Awakening- Activation and Practice

October 14, 2017  1:30-3pm  Peace of Mind and Body Yoga Studio in Montclair, VA


The third eye, or ajna chakra is known as the inner eye. It gives us access beyond time and space and is the source of our perception beyond our ordinary sight. Some refer to the third eye as the Seat of the Soul, other traditions refer to it as the gateway into the inner realms, a portal into higher states of consciousness. When the third eye is fully activated, it is said that the mind becomes completely in sync, creativity and intelligence become one.

Benefits of working with the third eye:

✩ Opens our awareness to access our inner wisdom and guidance

✩ Understand our reality better as it allows us to see past illusions

✩ Our psychic gifts begin to develop, beginning to see auras, feel energies

✩ Increased intuition and creativity

✩ Memory becomes better and perceptions become more accurate

Within the workshop you will experience: 

✩ Understanding the third eye and how important it is on creating your reality

✩ Cleansing, clearing and preventative measures to keep the third eye balanced

✩ Third Eye Chakra Activation

✩ Techniques to exercise and stimulate the third eye including meditation, circuit breathing, aura viewing, energy feeling and more

As we each ground our energies into the present and awaken to the love and joy within us, the changes we will experience individually and collectively is beyond words. Come with and open mind and open heart.

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